Rolling Door Motors are widely used in shopping malls, hotel, warehouses, garages, pos and telecommunications, banks, shops ,factories and other buildings' rolling door opening and closing.

Rolling Door Motor Application.jpg

Tubular motors are widely used in roller blinds, screens, venetian blinds , canopy etc.

Tubular Motor Application.jpg

Micro Switches are widely used in home appliance, electronic equipment, automatic machine, communication equipment, car electron, apparatus and instrument electric motion tool etc; Tact Switch is widely used in telecommunications, consumer electronics, medical, audio/visual, testing and instrumentation markets.

Micro Switch Application.jpg

Relays are widely used in home appliances: Ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, cooker hoods, cooking range, UPS, car alarm system , Prepayment Energy Meter; AMR System; Electrical Telecommunication, Auto Controlling, Light Control and so on. 

Relay Application.jpg