3 Kinds of Rolling Door Installation Knowledge

- Sep 03, 2018-

The rolling door is made up of parallel joints of multi-joint movable door pieces. Now many large shopping malls or facades are equipped with such doors, because not only the shrinking is convenient, but also space saving, of course, the safety factor is also high. How to install the roller shutter door? Here are three different types of roller door installation steps to introduce to everyone.

1. Rolling Door Installation Method:

Rolling Door Rolling Door Motor

                               Rolling Door Picture                                          Rolling Door Motor Picture

First, draw a line at the position of the door frame that needs to be installed, indicating the size of the size. Note: The height inside the frame is a little higher than the height of the door leaf.

Secondly, fix the rolling door frame, but remember to reserve the groove on both sides of the hole.

Then, install the electric shutter door body door leaf. When installing, make sure that the electric rolling door is integrated with the wall, and the sealing should be done well, then the hole and the wall are painted to ensure the appearance. After the painting is finished, it should be smooth and comfortable to open and close the door.

2, Fire Shutter Door Installation Method:

a. According to the model of the shutter door, measure the basic dimensions of each part of the product, check whether the opening of the door matches the size of the rolling door, and whether the position and quantity of the guide rail and the bracket are correct. Then, measure the elevation of the hole and pop the two vertical lines of the guide rail and the center line of the roll.

b. Weld the pad on the pre-embedded iron plate, fix the reel bracket with screws, and install the reel. The installation of the reel should be flexible.

c. Install the reducer, transmission system, and the electric arc street system.

d. Install the pre-assembled curtain on the reel. Immediately after the installation of the guide rails, the two sides and the upper rails are welded to the wall embedded parts according to the position specified in the drawings, and welded to the body, and the guide rails should be on the same vertical plane.

e. Finally, the water curtain sprinkler system is installed and connected to the overall control system. After installation, carry out trial operation, use the motor to open and close the door several times, and adjust to the state of no jam, block and abnormality.

3, Automatic Door Crystal Shutter Door Installation Method

First, fix the motor on the main board, fix the chain to the wheel and the motor base gear connection, and try to test whether the handle is reversed. If it is reversed, the remote control receiving box has a black button on the side, and you can dial the help to the other party.

Secondly, use the ruler to measure the size of the outer side of the main board and the sub-board. If the shaft is correctly placed on the side panel, pay attention to the horizontal line; then use 10 drill bits to punch 50 cm, each of which must be straight; Then, weld the 14th mother on the shaft, remember to be sure to weld firmly; then align the center of the first piece of the curtain with the hole on the shaft and fasten it with a quick wire.

Once again, the curtains of the rolling door are put on, and the sides are sealed with a head. After the seal is completed, use the rope to turn over the shaft to pry the curtain hole with a rope, and then lift the curtain up, and must not be firm.

Finally, open one end of the track to the adult word, and the curtain door curtain can be leveled.