Anti-dump switch application principle

- Jun 27, 2018-

anti dumping micro switch

Anti-dump switch can be called a fall switch, then what is working principle? What are the characteristics? Where are the applications?

The working principle of the anti-dump micro switch:

When the host tilts or falls, the ball in the anti-dump switch is tilted and displaced together with the housing under gravity, and the tablet is returned to the original position due to the disengagement of the ball, and the switch is instantaneously disconnected. Cut off the power or circuit.

The application of the anti-dump switch:

Generally, if the electric fan used in our winter ,when they falls down, if there is a material with a higher melting point such as a blanket on the downward side, it is easy to have a dangerous situation such as a fire ,and then the anti-dumping switch can be turned on.

On the market, household appliances that need to be prevented from being dumped are generally provided with an anti-dump switch, which generally adopts a dome-type structure or an electronic component structure and a dome-type structure. The two domes are exposed outside the switch and are unsafe to use. In the process of electric appliance dumping, the work of the two shrapnels is performed on and off, but due to the slow movement of the shrapnel in the process of contact and disconnection, there is a defect that the instantaneous motion is poor and the service life is short, and the two shrapnel are in contact with or disconnected. In the process, it is easy to cause the phenomenon that the fusion welding connection is not broken, and the work is not reliable

The application of the switch

1.electric heater,oil cooler

2.electric fan,air purifier

3.physiotherapy equipment, sports equipment,

4.vertical air-conditioning and other applicaces that need to dump protection and equipment.