The basis of the micro switch

- Jan 09, 2019-

If sorted by purpose, the microswitch is a detection switch, but some of it can also be used as an operation switch. The size of the micro switch is large and small, the product specifications are rich, and the range of application objects is also wide.


The NECA (Nippon Electric Control Machinery Industry Association) defines the microswitch as "a contact mechanism with a small contact gap and a snap mechanism that opens and closes with a predetermined action and a predetermined force. The contact mechanism is covered by the outer casing and is provided on the outside. Drive rod, small size switch". Generally speaking, it is a small-sized switch that switches the mechanical "quick mechanism" of the contact at a specific operation position regardless of the speed at the time of operation, and operates in a predetermined operation and a predetermined force.


<Small size, switchable current>

In general, a spark called a "arc" occurs between the contacts when switching the circuit. The larger the current, the easier it is to generate an arc. The slower the switching speed of the contact is, the longer the arc lasts. The arc is the main cause of contact aging. Since the snap mechanism of the instantaneous switching contact can shorten the duration of the arc, the micro switch can switch a large current in a small form factor.

<High precision>

The microswitch can switch contacts at almost the same position and with the same force no matter how many times ON/OFF is repeated. This is also the performance of the speed mechanism.


By shortening the duration of the arc, damage to the contacts can be reduced and the durability of the switch can be improved.

<Touch and sound>

When the switch is operated, the action of the snap action mechanism produces a unique tactile sensation, and the operation of the switch can be confirmed by the touch and the sound.


Dimensions can be divided into general, small, ultra-small, ultra-small four. (Fig. 1) The ordinary type is used for large-scale industrial machinery and equipment, and it is used for business equipment, home appliances, and small and thin civilian equipment in small, ultra-small, and ultra-small. In addition, according to environmental resistance, it can be divided into a sealed type and a common type that have been sealed.