Choose the Universal brand rolling door motor, you will not regret it

- Jul 17, 2018-

Xiamen Universe Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of rolling door motor. It has always advocated the concept of excellent quality and sincere after-sales service.
The universe brand YZ series electric shutter door motor is a special type of motor that our company has specialized according to market demand and years of practical experience. Its beautiful shape, smooth running, safe and reliable, durable. It has been strongly loved by customers at home and abroad. The following is an analysis of why the characteristics of the Universal brand rolling door motor


1. Secure electronic control system

image.pngA parallel lightning protection line with 4 relay combinations, the current and voltage are very stable

2. Nano brake pads

image.pngHigh quality nano brake pads for more wear resistance. Better braking performance, effectively preventing plate slippage

3.High precision motor

image.pngThe configured motor has high precision, sufficient power and low energy consumption. The motor of the same power has greater motor lifting power than other small manufacturers.

4. Noise reduction gear

image.pngMade of 520 alloy material, it has strong fatigue resistance, long-lasting, creep, low noise, and can withstand transient high temperature changes.

5. Limiter

image.pngHigh-precision limit switch with accurate limit. 4 limiters, 2 spare limits more than their peers.


The 7075 aluminum alloy is used, which has high hardness and strong tensile strength, and our product has high precision, and the product is very compact and the components are very compact, which enhances the service life of the motor.

All products of Universe are factory direct sales, quality assurance, and wholeheartedly serve customers. I believe that the power of the brand can bring you more value.