Electric roller shutter door common faults and maintenance methods

- Jun 26, 2018-

Electric rolling shutters are often used at high frequencies in life. Due to the frequent switching of the gates, some problems may arise. Here are some common faults:

1. The motor is not moving or the speed is slow
This fault is generally caused by line break, motor burnout, stop button not reset, limit switch action, and large load.
Processing method: check the line, and connect; replace the burned motor; replace the button or repeatedly press several times; toggle the limit switch slider to make him out of the micro switch contact, and adjust the position of the micro switch; check the mechanical part If there is any jam, remove the jam and clear the obstacle.

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2. Control failure
Fault location and cause: relay (contactor) contact sticking, stroke microswitch failure or contact deformation, slide set screw loose, plate screw loose to shift the plate, so that the slider or nut can not follow The screw rotates and moves, the limiter transmission gear is broken, and the up and down buttons are stuck.
Treatment method: replace the relay (contactor); replace the micro switch or the contact piece; fix the slider screw and reset the plate; replace the stopper drive gear; replace the button.
3. The hand zipper does not move
Cause of failure: The circular chain blocks the cross slot; the ratchet pawl does not escape 

from the ratchet; the pressure chain frame is stuck.
Processing method: straighten the ring chain; adjust the pawl and pressure chain frame.