How to configure the remote control of the rolling door remote control

- Jul 10, 2018-

The rolling door can finally be horizontally separated with the wall. The rolling door is composed of a plate, a curtain, a guide rail, a reel, a bracket, a box, a rolling door machine, a control box, a manual quick-release switch device, and the like, and the rolling door remote control How to match? The following small series introduces you to the configuration method of the rolling door remote control.

rolling door motor, remote controller

As far as the receiving part of the rolling door remote control is concerned, it can be divided into super heterodyne and super regenerative. The super-regenerative demodulation circuit is also called a super-regenerative detection circuit, and is actually a regenerative detection circuit in an intermittent oscillation state. The superheterodyne demodulation circuit is similar to the superheterodyne radio. It is

a local oscillator circuit that generates an oscillating signal and mixes it with the received carrier frequency signal. The intermediate frequency signal is amplified and detected by the intermediate frequency, and then demodulated. Out of the data signal. These two methods are often used in the configuration of the shutter remote control.


The carrier frequency commonly used in the remote control configuration of the rolling door is 433mHz and 315mHz. The carrier frequency used by the remote control is the nationally prescribed open frequency band. In this frequency band, the transmitting power is less than 10mW and the coverage is less than 100m, as long as it does not exceed the unit range. They are free to use without having to go through the "Radio Management Committee" approval. The open frequency band is 315mHz, while the European and American countries are regulated at 433mHz. Manufacturers will adjust production according to different regulations of different countries. Therefore, the frequency of remote control used for products exported to different countries is different.


How to match the rolling door remote control, the above is the introduction of the configuration method of the rolling door remote control. Rolling shutters are widely used daily, especially in places with wide doorways, such as factories, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses, etc.