How to Install Shutter Doors and How do Roll Up Doors Work

- Jun 25, 2018-

161.jpgThe electric rolling shutter door is connected in series with a plurality of joints. The starter is driven by a shutter door motor unit, the rolling shutter door is in a fixed slideway, and the upper and lower doors are rotated centering on the reel above the door. Applicable to commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines and other public places or residential. In particular, the doorway is large, and it is inconvenient to install the floor door to facilitate convenient opening. Such as garage doors, shopping malls fire shutter doors hangar doors.

Installation 1.jpg

There are different kinds of shutter doors.

First, according to the material of the electric shutter door, the material can be divided into: European style shutter doors, inorganic cloth type, mesh type, aluminum alloy shutter doors and crystal shutter doors.

Second, from the electric roller shutter door for the special type of motor division: Rolling shutter door dedicated motors are: fire shutter door motors, Australian-style rolling door motors, hanging door motor, tubular rolling door motors, inorganic double-curtain rolling door motors, motors for fast speed doors. The use of different special motor electric shutter doors have their own characteristics, which depends on the needs of customers.

Third, the use of electric shutter doors is also divided into many types: According to each user's different uses, there are mute, noise reduction, stainless steel shutter doors, as well as wind, fire shutter doors and crystal shutter doors.

Installation Method

First, draw a line at the position of the door frame that needs to be installed. Show the size, and then find the staff to design a suitable electric shutter doors, it is worth noting that the height of the frame is a little higher than the height of the door.

Second, first fix the door frame of the electric roller shutter door. Here, the fixing plate at the lower part of the door frame must be removed first. (Note: The grooves are reserved on both sides of the hole, and after being calibrated, the wooden wedges are fastened, and the iron feet of the frame are welded to the embedded iron plate pieces. The cement mortar or the fine stone concrete with a strength of not less than 10 MPa is firmly embedded. can.)

Third, install the main door leaf of the electric shutter door leaf. It must be ensured that the electric roller shutter door is integrated with the wall body, and the sealing property should be well done. Then the hole and wall should be painted. After painting is completed, the door joints should be evenly leveled, and the electric shutter doors should be free and light, and must not be overtightened, loosened or rebounded.


How do Roll Up Doors Work

The motor is hidden in the coil tube, and the rotation of the shaft is driven by the rotation of the motor to achieve the lifting and lowering of the shutter curtain. 

When the screen is raised, the screen sheet is wound on the reel; 

when the screen is lowered, the screen slides down the inner side of the guide rail. 

Through the control of the remote control, the curtain can be raised, stopped, and lowered. 

There is also a manual power release system with power off. In the case of power off, the roller shutter door can be raised and lowered by manual rocker.