How to install the rolling door motor

- Aug 17, 2018-

How to install the rolling door motor

Guide you How to install the rolling door motor?

The roller motor of the rolling door is equipped with a stroke screw. The rotation of the roller motor drives the rotation of the stroke screw. The stroke screw drives the slider to move. If the left movement moves up, the stroke screw drives the left shift slider to the left to touch the travel switch shutter motor control loop. Disconnected, if the right shifts down, the stroke screw drives the right shift slider to the right, and touches the travel switch. The roller motor control circuit is disconnected. For safety reasons, the left and right ends are equipped with two travel switches, and the roller shutter is installed. Some precautions when using magnetic door: The installation position should be correct; minimize the distance between the wireless transmitting sensor and the host, and reduce the interference between the reinforced concrete wall and the electrical appliance with the host; the location of the wireless transmitting sensor must be installed. Avoid water or moisture; pull out the receiving antenna after installation.

How to install the rolling door motor

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