How to Use Mobile Phone to Remotely Control garage doors? Bluetooth , WIFI Control

- Jul 30, 2018-

WIFI GARAGE DOOR OPENER.jpgWith the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous advancement of social civilization, cars have changed from the luxury of the past to the means of transportation for ordinary families, and home garages are becoming more and more common. The simplification and practical use of garage doors has gradually become an urgent need.


Because Bluetooth uses a wireless interface instead of a wired cable connection, and is suitable for a variety of occasions, it has strong portability. This technology is less harmful to the human body, low in power consumption, easy to implement, simple to apply, and easy to promote. The automotive industry, wireless office environment, medical equipment, home appliances, and school education and factory automation are typical environments for applying Bluetooth technology. And the data sharing between mobile phones through Bluetooth has become the factory, turning the mobile phone into a remote control brings infinite convenience to people's life and work.


As a professional manufacturer of garage door openers / rolling door motors, Xiamen Universal Electronic Co., Ltd is the first to combine Bluetooth technology, WIFI with garage door openers to realize the close and remote control of the mobile phone and operate the garage doors. The majority of garage doors and shutter doors are widely used, and loved by their customers.

Bluetooth Control.pngDOOR MOTOR WITH WIFI.png