Limit Switch Relationship

- Aug 08, 2018-

(Angle limit switch): 7551 position limit switch In view of the material type, technical solution and large size of the 7551 limit switch, the 7511 type limit switch is especially suitable for corrosive working environment, suitable for very harsh Operating conditions ensure good working conditions throughout the life cycle. TANGO Position Limit Switch Tango is a limit switch designed to control overhead mobile cranes, winches and machine tools. The auxiliary controller of the motor is operated via a power interface such as a contactor or programmable controller. As the latest generation of limit switches, Tango uses a specially designed and high-performance polymer to ensure high resistance and durability under heavy load conditions. Its design and dimensions make it easy to install and maintain. XFSC-XFRZ Position Limit Switch The X-FCS series position limit switch has a “T” or “Ten” shaped bar, while the X-FRZ series features only one bar or only one with a spring. Move the bar of the roller. Limit switches are designed to control the movement of overhead cranes, lifts and machine tools. The housing and head of the limit switch are made of thermoplastic material (fiberglass reinforced nylon). These materials and components ensure high water and dust resistance and durability. AZ8 series limit switch (stroke switch) has passed UL/CSA/CE/CCC certification. SUNS American Sanshi AZ8 series limit switch (stroke switch) is a low-cost detection component suitable for many narrow installation environments. The switch is rugged and available in a variety of operating heads for a variety of applications. The outer casing is removed and the front and side of the inner contact block are completely exposed, which is very advantageous for the installation of the wiring. The soft cable jacket at the bottom of the switch makes the installation wiring more convenient. Explosion-proof limit switches Explosion-proof limit switches are specially designed for users in harsh environments. The BX is designed to seal against corrosion, water, dust, and oil. These external environments are defined in NEMA 1,3,4,6,7,9,13 and IP67 and IEC 529. These enclosures are also designed to withstand the harsh environments of Europe, and the dual BX series meets the European Directive's requirements for equipment and protection systems for potentially explosive gases (94/9/EC) for ATEX Directives.

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