Micro switch type

- Dec 06, 2017-

Micro-switch a wide range of internal structure of hundreds of species, according to the volume of ordinary type, small, ultra-small; according to the protection of points, a waterproof, dust-proof, explosion-proof; Single type, double type, multi-type. There is also a strong off microswitch (when the switch reed ineffective, the external force can make the switch off); According to the breaking capacity, there are ordinary type, DC type, micro-current type, high current type. Divided by the use of the environment, a common type, high temperature type (250 ℃), ultra-high temperature ceramic (400 ℃)

In general, the micro switch is basically a type with no auxiliary press attachment, and is derived from a small stroke type and a large stroke type. According to the need to join different auxiliary press accessories, according to join the different press accessories switch can be divided into button, reed roller, lever roller, short arm, long arm and other forms.

Micro-switch in the need for frequent exchange circuit equipment for automatic control and security, are widely used in electronic equipment, instrumentation, mining, power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment, as well as aerospace, aviation, ships, missiles, Tanks and other military areas, has been widely used in the above areas, the switch is small, but plays an irreplaceable role.