Micro switch with Home

- Sep 12, 2018-

How to match the micro switch with the home? Everyone wants to decorate the room beautifully. So how do you match it? Let's take a look at it.

The modern minimalist style makes the new home more purely urban life composed of reinforced concrete, fast and efficient work rhythm, so that more and more users are eager for a simple and comfortable home space. Minimalist design brings the visual and imaginary space of less is more. The switch socket on the wall, like the natural touch of the wall, is extraordinary, waiting to be opened.

1. With switch: elegant white switch

According to the color and material of the wall, the switch socket with materials such as PC plastic and metal wire drawing is elegant. The simple design of the large panel is very suitable for modern minimalist style. The light color wall is matched with white or gold switch to create soft and warm, deep. Color wall selection

Silver or black switches create a cool look. New Chinese style, slow down and touch the simple and natural. Oriental elements are popular in the world of luxury goods and clothing. In the field of home, the Chinese style combines the dual temperament of solemnity and elegance, and the new Chinese style incorporates modernity on this basis. Especially the ingenious use of wood furniture, hollowing, carving, bronzing and other crafts, finely crafted, magnificent and clever, so that the entire space is full of imposing manner.


2. With switch: walnut switch

The new Chinese style is stable and mature, with a symmetrical layout. The walnut wood quality switch adorns the simplicity and nature of the new Chinese style. In the bedroom or living room, you can also install the human body induction foot light, which can be used to sense the light at any time in the dark, without having to explore the switch. Under the restrained and unobtrusive style, Chinese elements and modern materials are ingeniously blended, and the ingenious combination of switches and lighting transforms one step at a time, perfectly showing the new Chinese-style nuanced design.

Japanese-style MUJI style, a philosophy of life When it comes to Japanese-style MUJI, it is reminiscent of the home color of the logs. As a decorative style that has become popular in recent years, MUJI is not only an attitude, but also advocates a simple, natural and rich philosophy of life. It uses a lot of materials from nature to pursue the balance between Zen and aesthetics.

3. With switch: elegant gold switch

The simple, vacant walls are placed in the same simple switch, and an elegant and elegant white switch, or a touch of elegant gold switch, can inspire meditation in space. For those who live in the bustling city, the fresh, simple, relaxed, and leisurely state of life is what we are longing for. Nordic style, the details of the combination of warmth European style is diverse, and the Nordic style is known for its simplicity, it uses lines and color blocks to distinguish space. The elegant color scheme and the streamlined and practical furniture interpret the theme of the Nordic style. The selection of furniture and soft furnishings are all warm and warm, and the seemingly casual color matching creates a sense of comfort and balance, which makes the Nordic style home full of warmth.

4. With switch: elegant gold switch

The American-style users are more advocating freedom, and the elegant gold-hearted switch lights up the romanticity of American life, achieving a good balance between practicality and aesthetics.