Precautions when using the touch switch

- Dec 06, 2017-

Precautions when using the touch switch

When welding the tactile switch terminal, if the terminal is subjected to a load, it may be loosened due to different conditions, and deformation and deterioration of the electrical characteristics may occur. Please pay attention when using it.

When using through-hole printed circuit boards and other recommended boards, the influence of thermal stress may change. Therefore, fully confirm the welding conditions in advance.

When welding twice, please return to normal temperature after the first time welding. Continuous heating may deform the peripheral portion, loosening, dropping of the terminals, and deterioration of electrical characteristics.

About welding condition setting, you need to confirm the actual batch production conditions.

The product is designed and manufactured on the premise of a DC resistive load. When using other loads [inductive load, capacitive load], please check separately.

Printed circuit board mounting holes and patterns, please refer to the product drawings recorded the recommended size.

Please use the switch directly by the operation of the switch structure. Do not use it for mechanical inspection.

When tweaking the switch, the switch may be damaged if more than the specified load is applied. Please be careful not to impose a prescribed force on the switch.

Please avoid using the operation part from the side.

For the flat shaft type, press the switch center as far as possible. For hinge structure, when pressed, the shaft pressing position will move, please pay special attention.

After the switch has been installed, contact with a qualified person when it is passed through a regenerative hardening furnace due to hardening of the adhesive of other components.

If corrosive gas is generated from the surrounding materials of the switch using the switch, it may result in poor contact, etc., so fully confirm it in advance.

Carbon contact points have a characteristic that the contact resistance changes due to the pressing load. For voltage divider circuit, etc., please confirm after use.

For models other than airtight type, invade foreign bodies, please pay full attention to them.