Tactile switch structure

- Dec 06, 2017-

Tactile switch is divided into two categories: the use of metal reed as a contact switch said touch switch, contact resistance, cluster 20mn. Feel good, a "tick" crisp sound. The use of conductive rubber as a contact path switch is commonly known as the conductive rubber switch. Switch feel good, but the contact resistance, generally 100 a 300n. The structure of the touch switch is to move downwards by pressing the keys, so that the contact reeds or the conductive rubber blocks contact the solder pads to form a path.

The operating force of the touch switch depends on the state of the reed. The starting force is proportional to the compression distance of the reed when the reed is compressed to 5. Suddenly a decrease in operating force with% -70% accompanied by "ticking" sound. Guide turtle rubber switch generally have two kinds of structure. Operating force curve with the rubber block geometry is very different.