The Introduction of Push Button Switch and Installation and Use

- Jul 25, 2018-

The push button switch is also called a button switch. The button switch is a switch that pushes the transmission mechanism with a button to make the movable contact and the static contact turn on or off and realize circuit switching.

There are many types of button switches, and the complexity is different. The simple ones are single-pole and single-throw. The complex ones include illumination and logo display. There are several units and various locking states for easy operation in dark places or nights, as well as switches and indications. The lamp has dual functions and is available in a variety of color indications.

The push-button switch adopts integrated circuit technology and external device technology to manufacture a new generation of photoelectric switch devices, which have intelligent functions such as delay, broadening, external synchronization, mutual interference resistance, high reliability, stable working area and self-diagnosis.

Push Button Micro Switch.jpg


Push Button Switch Installation and Use

(1) When installing the buttons on the panel, they should be neatly arranged and arranged reasonably, which can be arranged from top to bottom or left to right according to the order in which the motors are started:

(2) The installation and fixing of the buttons should be firm and the wiring should be reliable. Use the red button to indicate stop, green or black to indicate start or power up, and don't make a mistake.

(3) Since the distance between the button contacts is small, if there is a short circuit fault such as oil, the contact should be kept clean.

(4) The button board and button box of the installation button must be metal, and try to connect them with the total grounding busbar of the machine tool. For the hanging button, a special grounding wire must be provided, and the metal pipe should not be used as the grounding wire.

(5) When the button is used in high temperature occasions, it is easy to make the plastic deformation aging and cause looseness, causing the connection screws to be short-circuited. The insulating plastic tube can be installed at the wiring screw to prevent short circuit.

(6) The button with indicator light is heated by the lamp. It is easy to deform the plastic lamp cover for a long time. The lamp voltage should be reduced and the service life should be prolonged.

(7) The Stopbutton must be red; the Emergency Stopbutton must be a red mushroom head; the Start button must have a protective retaining ring, and the protective retaining ring should be higher than the button to prevent accidental actuation and electrical equipment errors