Tilt Switch

- Dec 06, 2017-

The MONITOR tilt switch includes a light tilt switch and a heavy tilt switch: Model TC-3X is a light tilt switch made of cast aluminum. It is suitable for measuring light weight, moderate particle size materials (eg 15-60l b / f t3; 240-960k g / m3 or particle size not less than 50mm). Typical applications for light tilt switches include grains, fodder, plastic balls and pet food. TC-3X type has passed dust explosion-proof certification. Model T C-1 is a heavy-duty tilt switch made of cast iron. It is suitable for measuring rough material (such as 45lb / ft3; 720kg / m3 or particle size more than 2in; 50mm). Typical applications for heavy duty tilt switches include coal, ore, rock, mix, and loose sand.