What are the cooling methods for the motor?

- Oct 31, 2018-

What are the cooling methods for the motor?


Roller Door Motors.jpgThe cold-cooling medium for open circuit cooling is taken from the periphery of the motor, and is returned to the motor after passing through the motor. The small and medium-sized motor generally adopts this cooling system, and the primary cooling medium cooled by the closed circuit passes through the motor, and if necessary, forms a closed loop through the cooler. Heat is transferred from the primary cooling medium through the component or cooler to the secondary cooling medium, which is often used in large motors or in extremely harsh environments.

The cooling mode using different cooling media, the structure type of the motor casing, mainly the arrangement of the inlet and outlet pipes of the cooling medium, the type of the cooler and the installation location, etc., have corresponding changes. The free-circulating mode cooling medium flows freely from the surroundings into the motor or through the surface of the motor and returns freely, such as general open and shielded motors.

Inlet pipe or inlet port circulation mode The cooling medium flows from the source other than the medium around the motor to the motor through the inlet pipe or the channel, and then flows freely into the surrounding environment. This type of motor is used in places where there is a lot of dust in the environment. The air inlet duct introduces clean air from the outside to avoid excessive dust accumulation inside the motor, which affects the electrical performance and cooling effect of the motor.

The circulating cooling medium of the outlet pipe or the outlet pipe flows freely from the surrounding into the motor, and then is sent to the place away from the motor through the outlet pipe or the tunnel, mainly to avoid the air heated by the motor affecting the working environment.