Automotive Latching Relay

Automotive Latching Relay

Automotive Latching Relay Features of HFE19-60 Magnetic Relays ●The relay can stand 1440A peak current for 10 ms ●60A switching capability ●Integrated one-piece installation solution, facilitate your installation requirement. ●Dielectric strength: 4kV (between contacts and coil)...

Product Details

Automotive Latching Relay

Features of HFE19-60 Magnetic Relays

●60A switching capability

●Latching relay

●Making test 1800A peak short circuit current

●Carrying the 3500A short circuit current without explosion

●4kV dielectric strength (between coil and contact)

●Outline Dimensions:(38.0 x 30.0 x 16.5)mm

●Environmental friendly product(Rohs Compliant)

Contact Data of 60A Latching Relay

Contact Arrangement


Contact Resistance

1 mΩ max.(at 1A 24VDC)

Contact Rating(Res.load)

60A 250VAC

Max. switching voltage


Max. switching current


Max. switching power


Mechanical Endurance

Meter: 1 x 105OPS

Electrical Endurance

Meter: 6000 OPS

Contact Material


Characteristics of Latching Relay 

Insulation Resistance

1000 mΩ(at 500VDC)

Dielectric Strength

Between coil & contacts

4000VAC 1min

Between open contacts

1500VAC 1min

Creepage distance


Operate Time (at nomi.volt)

20ms max.

Release Time (at nomi.volt)

20ms max.

Shock Resistance





Vibration Resistance

10Hz to 55Hz 1.5mm DA


5% to 85% RH

Ambient Temperature

-40℃ to 70℃



Unit Weight



Dust Protected

Coil of Latching Relay

Coil Power

Single coil latching: Approx. 1.0W

Double coils latching: Approx. 2.0W






1.Relay is on the reset or set status when being released from stock, with the consideration of shock risen from transit and relay mounting, relay would be changed to set of reset status, therefore, when application (connection the power supply), please reset the relay to set or reset status on request.

2.In order to maintain set or reset status, energized voltage to coil should reach the rated voltage, impulse width should be 5 time ( more than 1 min)  should be avoided.

3.The terminals of relay without twisted copper wire can not be tin-soldered, can not be moved willfully, more over two terminals can not be fixed at the same time.

4.Relays used for metering measuring applications are usually made with dust proof structure, while most relays could be made specially per customer;s specific requirements. No longer than 6 months' storage time is recommended for this kind of relay, and please pay attention to the storage environment. To ensure contact reliability, we will keep contact status be closed when delivery if no special required by customer.

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