About Anti-tip Switch

- Oct 31, 2018-

For anti-tip switches, the biggest function is to protect the electrical appliances, prevent accidents and make our lives more convenient. In a society with developed technology, life is more convenient around our machines. But if it is not used properly, an accident will occur.

For example, electric heaters, such as electric fans, etc., we can see that many fires originate from the use of electric heating fans, which is partly because the electric fan continues to work after falling down, too much heat falls down the carpet or because A fire in which electrical damage occurs.

 Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, many electrical appliances have been improved. Therefore, in many electrical equipment, anti-dumping switches are used to protect electrical appliances and solve problems directly from the root cause. Such as oil Ting machine, air purifier, vertical air conditioner, electric fan and so on.

 There are many types of anti-tip switches, and one product always has a better quality than a bad one. For anti-tip switches, the working principle, materials used, and design structure are all factors that affect quality. So if you want to choose a good anti-tip switch, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various anti-tip switches.

 The micro switch type tilt switch micro switch type is composed of two contact pieces by gravity swinging to press the pressure piece, so that the micro switch works, since the spring force of the micro switch must be large to meet the good contact of the contact piece, Although some surfaces are silver-plated, due to long-term work, the surface of the contact sheet is destroyed, which is oxidized, and the contact effect is not good. The shape of the entire switch is also large.