Electric Roller Shutter Common Fault Repair

- Jul 23, 2018-


Electric Roller Shutter Common Fault Repair

With the improvement of smart home equipment, electric curtains have gradually begun to enter every household. In the daily use of the electric shutter door, it is inevitable that some faults will be encountered. Then, together with us, understand the common fault repair methods for the electric roller shutter door.


First, the electric roller shutter door does not react up and down, cannot lift and repair methods

1. The electric roller shutter cannot be lifted and lowered, and it may be a power failure, a motor failure, or a stuck door. The maintenance method in this case is to check the main power, control power supply and motor, and check the door itself.

2. The fire shutter door has no rise or no drop or rise, which may be due to the problem of falling or rising buttons, contactor and coil problems of the contactor, limit switch problem, and contactor interlocking normally closed contact problem. The maintenance method for this situation is to check the down or up button, drop or raise the contactor switch and coil, check the limit switch, check the drop or rise contactor interlock normally closed contact.


Third, the collapse of the plastic electric roller shutter door repair

  The electric roller shutter door of the collapsed steel is supported by the steel lining. The goodness and badness of the steel lining also directly affect the quality of the electric roller door repair. One of the reasons for the collapse is because some assembled electric shutter door repair manufacturers should have the 1.2 mm thick steel lining was changed to less than 1.2 mm thick, and even some assembly plants did not put steel lining at all, so that after a period of time, the waist would collapse. This requires the selection of reliable suppliers at the time of purchase.


Fourth, electric rolling door repair, welding angle cracking doors and windows cracking

  There are many types of electric shutter door repair and cracking of cracked corners. There are several reasons for cracking:

(1) If the glass bead is too long or the aluminum rail is too long, it must be struck hard during assembly, and excessive force will cause the welding angle to crack.

(2) The construction unit does not pay attention to the protection form and uses some blunt objects to cause the internal stress to change due to the hard scratch of the profile, so that the welding angle is cracked.

(3) If the soldering temperature is too low, it is easy to cause cracking of the soldering angle. When the temperature is lowered, the molecular thermal mobility of the material is reduced, and the macroscopic performance is that the material is brittle and prone to cracking of the solder joint. If the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to suspend the assembly.

Five, garage electric shutter door seal is not strict

The quality of the garage door repair hardware accessories also determines the overall quality of the electric roller door repair. Some assembled electric shutter door repair manufacturers use low-quality and inferior hardware accessories and rubber strips to replenish and harvest huge profits; or when installing glass, there is no glass block, and when the time is long, there will be a phenomenon of closed or not falling.