Electric Roller Shutter Maintenance Knowledge

- Dec 06, 2017-

Electric roller shutter maintenance knowledge:

1, the use of electric shutter doors, try to keep the controller and the voltage stability, prohibit the installation in a very humid environment, do not open the remote control at random, if found on the door with wire winding, knotting, etc. should be promptly addressed . Note that the channel is blocked, obstructing the door down, if the occurrence of abnormal response immediately stop the motor.

2, to regularly check the electric shutter doors up and down the trip switch, the trip controller with lubricating oil, to maintain normal and good operation, in addition, the operator manual shutter doors, check the operation, check the upper and lower stroke switch position, so that electric Rolling shutter doors in the open or closed in place, and check the process to prevent the electric shutter doors flushing or flushing or reversal, in case of emergency should immediately stop turning off the power.

3, the operator is best to regularly check the electric shutter door manual switch and manual lifting decoration to prevent the electric shutter in case of emergency will malfunction, or cause unnecessary safety accidents.

4, to keep the track running smooth, clean the electric rolling shutter door track, keep the internal clean, shutter motor and drive chain should always be filled with lubricant, check the control box components and switch control box, tighten the wiring port, tighten the screws , Clean the dust inside the control box, the surface and the button to prevent the button from jamming and can not bounce.