EV Charger

- Nov 12, 2018-

EV Charger

Direct Current Relay Recently, China Charging Union released the latest statistics. As of June this year, its member units reported a total of 271,751 public EV chargers, including 119,445 AC charging stations, 87,956 DC charging stations, and 64,350 AC and DC charging stations. It is worthy of recognition that China's charging infrastructure construction has made breakthroughs, and the number of charging stations ranks first in the world.

AC charging pile electrical system, the main circuit is composed of input protection circuit breaker, AC smart energy meter, AC control contactor and charging interface connector; secondary circuit is controlled by relay, emergency stop button, running status indicator, charging pile intelligent controller It consists of human-computer interaction devices (display, input and swipe).

At this stage, the development of the charging pile industry is inseparable from the policy promotion. According to the "Guidelines for the Development of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (2015-2020)" jointly issued by the four ministries and commissions of the country, by 2020, China will build more than 12,000 charging and replacement piles and 4.8 million decentralized charging piles to meet 500. The charging needs of 10,000 electric vehicles.

The EV charger is similar in function to the tanker inside the gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall, installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential parking lots or charging stations. It can be based on different voltage levels. Charge all types of electric vehicles. The input end of the charging post is directly connected to the AC grid, and the output end is equipped with a charging plug for charging the electric vehicle. The charging station generally provides two charging modes of conventional charging and fast charging. One can use a specific charging card to swipe the card on the human-computer interaction interface provided by the charging pile, and perform corresponding charging mode, charging time, cost data printing and the like. The charging pile display can display data such as charge amount, cost, and charging time.