How To Choose Electric Rolling Shutter Door?

- May 31, 2018-

How to choose electric rolling shutter door?


Roller Shutter Door Clutch Motor.jpgAccording to the material of the electric shutter door, the material can be divided into: European-style shutter doors, inorganic cloth type, mesh type, aluminum alloy shutter doors and crystal shutter doors. Divided from the special type of electric shutter door motor, special motors for rolling shutter door are: fire shutter door machine, Australian-style door roller machine, external door roller machine, tubular roller door machine, inorganic double-curtain door roller machine, and quick roller door machine. The use of different special motor electric shutter doors have their own characteristics, which depends on the needs of customers. Electric roller shutter doors are also used in a variety of applications: According to each user's different uses, there are silent, noise-reducing, stainless steel shutter doors, as well as windproof, fire shutter doors and crystal shutter doors.

So how to choose electric rolling shutter door? Whether the electric shutter door supports the manual function, the manual is convenient and fast. When the power is turned off, the clutch is rotated 90 degrees to push and run. Electric rolling shutter door can not exist the phenomenon of freewheeling, to have a double-sided automatic locking function. In order to improve the smooth running degree of the electric rolling shutter door, it is necessary to increase the pulling force. Therefore, the factory adopts the production and installation technology of 8 rounds of front and rear drive and even row gear rotation. Observe whether the structure of the electric shutter door is precise and the degree of lubrication is good. Compared with the cooling of a good electric roller shutter door, all gears are used for rotation, no chain and no belt, and the overall life of the shutter door movement is enhanced.


Install the electric shutter door leaf. It must be ensured that the electric roller shutter door is integrated with the wall body, and the sealing property should be well done. Then the hole and wall should be painted. After painting is completed, the door joints should be evenly leveled, and the electric shutter doors should be free and light, and must not be overtightened, loosened or rebounded.