How To Choose Touch Switch?

- May 30, 2018-

How to choose touch switch?


Tactile Micro Switch.jpgThe main factors affecting the quality of the tact switch are the protection of the tact switch, solderability, reliability, lifespan, feel, production process, and mounting dimensions. The base material of the switch is brass or phosphor bronze (low grade is iron). In order to reduce the contact resistance, the pin is basically silver plated, and the SO2 gas in the air will be oxidized when the silver is in the air, which directly affects the solderability of the switch. Resistance and contact resistance, so high-quality touch switches must first be controlled in terms of the thickness of the substrate's silver plating and silver plating process.

The key factor of the secondary conduction reliability is the structure of the contact point. Because the function of the tact switch is contact conduction between the contact point and the elastic piece, the larger the contact surface of the contact point is, the better the contact surface is determined by the structure. There are about three in the market. Class structure, big bubble (crater type) "O contact", slotted "2 point contact", flat bubble type "1 point contact". Third, the life and feel are determined by the stroke of the touch switch and the cooperation of the shrapnel. The shorter the stroke is, the shorter the sound is, the longer the life is, and the longer the stroke is, the opposite is true. In the case of a fixed shrapnel process, the main look or voice determines the lightness. The life of the touch switch.


The fourth is the production process. After assembly, the final impact on quality is the assembly process. The assembly process depends on factors such as the production company’s management capabilities, staff quality awareness, and quality assurance capabilities. The quality of the final products coming out of different guarantee capabilities will certainly be different. Market assembly methods include labor and machinery. Machine assembly costs are low but product quality is low. Manual assembly costs are high but the quality is high. The fifth is the factory inspection. The methods and items of factory inspection also affect the quality of the final touch switch. For example, whether the appearance, feel, conduction, resistance, and other items are sample inspection or full inspection. For example, the scrap rate required by some large manufacturers is PPM. Measured or zero defects, it is necessary to set sampling inspections or quality inspections after the inspection inspection.