How To Quickly Identify The Quality Of Roller Shutter Door Motors?

- Apr 18, 2018-

How to Quickly Identify the Quality of Roller Shutter Door Motors?


With the development of economy, roller shutter doors are becoming more and more common, they are widely used in garage doors, commercial doors, industrial doors, and some even become the standard configuration of industrial enterprises. However, the quality of roller shutter door motors in the market is uneven, and many people only pay attention to prices and neglect the quality of the products. This is very likely to lead to frequent problems after the motor is used. So identification in the quality of the roller shutter door motor is very important when you are seeking for a motor.


Here we would like to share some quality knowledge of roller shutter door motors with the users.


Same as buying mobile phones and computers, roller shutter door motor configuration is an important indicator to distinguish between good and bad product quality. It refers to the materials used in the shutter door motor, circuit design, etc. When a customer is asking for a motor, in order to understand more intuitively, it is recommended that the roller shutter door motor supplier be required to provide pictures of sectional details and samples so that it can be tested and judged more intuitively.


Good quality motors have the following features:

1. Beautiful appearance, easy installation. The quality of paint sprayed on the outside of the motor affects the waterproof, rust-proof, and service life of the motor. Automotive metal paint is more expensive than common paint, but the luminance can last as long as it can if it is not scratched and not affect the beauty and quality.


2. The circuit design adopts a parallel circuit that can have thunder prevention and ensure the motor’s full lifting capacity. In this design, the motor generally uses four higher quality relays and larger capacity capacitors. In the motor market, many manufacturers use serial design to save costs. Generally, only two relays and a small-capacity capacitor cannot provide thunder protection and they are easily got burnt, also the lifting capacity will be reduced. Univsersal Electronic’s motors are all used four relays and can also be protected against lightning on the premise of ensuring full lift capacity.

Motor Details 8.jpg


3. The motor and coil use 100% copper coil. The material of the motor and the coil largely determines the life expectancy of the motor. In the market, there are generally two kinds of materials for the motor and coil: copper core motor with copper core coil, and aluminum core motor with aluminum core coil. Copper-core motors and coils with good-quality components can ensure the normal operation of the motor for at least 4 to 5 years. The performance is stable, and various problems do not occur during the process. Cost of this high-quality motor is relatively higher, but customers can save time and avoid from danger and worry. As for motor of aluminum core and coil, the life expectancy generally does not exceed 1 to 2 years, and often combined with other parts of poor materials, various problems occur in the work, affecting the use of roller shutters, and give customers a lot of trouble. They are often accompanied by insufficient lifting power, which is a great safety hazard for heavier rolling shutters.


4. There are two kinds of shutter door motor:(Alternating Current)AC and (Direct Current) DC. The main difference is that the DC motor has battery backup. When the power is suddenly cut off, it can ensure the normal operation of the motor. However, the quality of the battery backup is also uneven, and the cost can be 2 times of difference.Universal Electronic’s battery backup can continue to supply power for the motor for about 15 circles of operation in the event of a power failure, and its quality is stable without frequent problems. For low quality battery backup, its electricity capacity usually is only for several times, which often has problems, resulting in the useless of remote controls, and unworkable shutter door.


5. The motor with good quality emits less noise, stability, and less power consumption during operation.


6. The motor accessories made of good materials. For high-quality motors, their associated accessories are often with high quality materials: steel from large steel plants, full thickness, good flatness of sprocket, smooth gears, using stopper, rust-proof effect...etc. 

Motor Accessories .jpg


7. Most users operate the shutter doors by these two ways: by remote controller and hand chain. At present, there are also some new designs which make the motors can be operated through mobile phone APP, and even with a camera, so that the shutter door can be operated remotely and monitored.


The above information is hopeful to help you when choosing a roller shutter door motor.