Related Knowledage About Signal Relays

- Nov 21, 2018-

A signal relay is a control element that is commonly used in railway signal technology. Let me take a look at it below.

Relays widely used in railway signal technology, called signal relays (in signal systems, simply referred to as relays), are important components in railway signals. Whether it is the core component of the relay signal system or the interface component of the electronic or computer signal system, it plays an important role, and the reliability of the action directly affects the reliability and safety of the signal system.

The signal relay has the advantages of fast action, stable operation, long service life and small volume. It is suitable for the protection circuit of AC operation as an action indicator; its structure and principle is a snap-on electromagnetic signal relay in a “U” The attracting magnet has a attracting coil (current or voltage) mounted on the magnetizer with a movable moving plate, and the insulating plate on the moving plate drives the two movable contacts.

Signal relays are commonly used in automatic control systems to turn the circuit on and off to issue control commands and reflect device status to form automatic control and remote control circuits. Widely used in power protection, automation, motion, remote control, measurement and communication devices.