Rolling Shutter Motor Repair

- Jul 30, 2018-

Rolling shutter motor does not turn

Regarding electric roller shutter repairs, in most cases, there are some common faults, and there are mature methods for solving them. The most common problem is that the motor does not turn. As the power system of the entire electric door, the motor is a very important accessory. Many times the motor itself has no problem, but because of problems with the relay contacts that control the motor, such as oxidation or burnout, you only need to replace the new relay, but be sure to choose the right model.

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Rolling shutter control failure

Most of the rolling doors can support remote control, and a small remote control can open or close the rolling door remotely, which also brings convenience to the user. If the rolling door control fails, first check if the remote control is working properly. If it is damaged, you can replace the new remote control. If the remote control is invalid, you must check the circuit assembly and the transmission assembly.


Rolling shutter abnormal noise

Electric roller shutter repairs also encounter noise problems, which usually occur on rolling shutter doors that have been used for a long time. Due to the noise caused by aging and deformation, there is no thorough solution. The tool can be used to adjust the deformed part, or the rust remover can remove the rust on the metal surface, and at the same time it can also play a lubricating role. The daily maintenance of the rolling door is also very important. Through regular maintenance, the hidden troubles can be discovered in time, and the service life can be extended.