Single Phase Gear Motor And Operator For Roller Shutter Door

- Jul 09, 2018-


  The electric shutter door is connected in series with the multi-joint movable door. The starting is driven by the motor unit. The rolling door is in the fixed slide. The upper and lower doors are rotated around the reel above the door. How to install the electric shutter door? The following small series will introduce you to the installation method of electric rolling door.


    First draw the line at the position of the door frame that needs to be installed. Indicate the size, and then find a suitable electric roller shutter for the master. The point worth noting here is that the height of the frame is a little bit higher than the height of the door leaf.


    First fix the door frame of the electric shutter door. First remove the fixing plate at the lower part of the door frame.


    Note: The groove should be reserved on both sides of the hole. After the calibration is passed, the wooden wedge is fixed, and the iron frame of the door frame and the pre-embedded iron plate are welded firmly. It can be firmly cemented with cement mortar or fine stone concrete with a strength of not less than 10 MPa.


    Install the electric shutter door main door leaf. Make sure that the electric roller shutter door is integrated with the wall, the sealing should be done well, and then the hole and wall should be painted. After the painting is finished, the door joints should be even and even. The electric rolling shutters should be free and light, and should not be too tight, too loose and rebound.


    How to install the electric shutter door, the above is the introduction of the electric roller door installation method. Electric roller shutters are suitable for public places or houses such as commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines, etc., especially for large door openings. It is convenient and quick to open the place where the ground door is inconvenient, such as for garage doors and shopping malls. Rolling shutter hangar door.