What Is Rolling Shutter Door?

- May 31, 2018-

what is rolling shutter door?


Automatic AC Roller Shutter Side Motor.jpgThe electric rolling shutter door is connected in series with a plurality of joints. The starter is driven by a motor unit, the rolling shutter door is in a fixed slideway, and the upper and lower doors are rotated centering on the reel above the door. Applicable to commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines and other public places or residential. In particular, the doorway is large, and it is inconvenient to install the floor door to facilitate convenient opening. Such as garage doors, shopping malls fire shutter doors hangar doors.

The motor is hidden in the coil tube, and the rotation of the shaft is driven by the rotation of the motor to achieve the lifting and lowering of the shutter curtain. When the screen is raised, the screen sheet is wound on the reel; when the screen is lowered, the screen slides down the inner side of the guide rail. Through the control of the remote control, the curtain can be raised, stopped, and lowered. There is also a manual power release system with power off. In the case of power off, the roller shutter door can be raised and lowered by manual rocker.

During the use of the electric rolling shutter door, it is necessary to keep the stability of the controller and voltage as far as possible. It is forbidden to install it in a very humid environment. Also, do not open the remote control at will. If you find that the wires on the door are twisted and knotted, handle it in time. Pay attention to whether the channel is blocked, hinder the door body from falling, and stop the motor operation if any abnormal response occurs. To keep the track running smoothly, promptly clean the orbit of the electric rolling shutter door to keep the interior clean. The shutter door motor and the drive chain must always be filled with lubricant. Check the components and switch control box in the control box, tighten the wiring port, fasten the screws, etc. Control dust and dirt on the inside of the box, surface and buttons to prevent the button from jamming and not bounce.