What Is The Micro Switch?

- May 16, 2018-

What is the micro switch?


The micro switch is also called the sensitive switch or the fast moving switch. A quick switch with pressure to push. The door switch used in the anti-theft system. A micro switch is a connecting mechanism with a small contact interval and a fast moving mechanism, with a prescribed stroke and a prescribed force, which is covered by a shell and a switch with a driving rod outside, because the contact distance of the switch is small, so it is called the micro switch, also called the pling switch.

Mini Micro Switch.jpg

How do micro switch works?A micro switch has a small contact interval and a fast moving mechanism. The connecting mechanism of the switching action with the prescribed stroke and force is covered by a shell with a small external actuator and a smaller shape. The micro switch has small contact distance, short action stroke, quick power and quick interruption. The moving speed of its moving contacts is independent of the speed of the transmission elements.

Micro switch is used in electronic equipment, instruments, instruments, mines, electric power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment, and other military fields such as aerospace, aviation, naval ships, missiles, tanks and so on. The switch has been widely used in the fields above. Small, but it plays an irreplaceable role.