What Is The Working Principle Of Waterproof Tact Switch?

- Jun 14, 2018-

What is the working principle of waterproof tact switch?


Waterproof tact switches are one type of tactile switch, and waterproof tact switches have a variety of sizes, and different products require different specifications. Different waterproof tact switches have different waterproof grades, of course, waterproof performance is good, it is definitely higher the grade the better waterproof performance, the company can choose different levels of waterproof tact switch according to different product needs, because some products are not necessarily The better the waterproof performance, the better the product, depending on the circumstances.


So what is the principle of waterproof touch switch? Watertight touch switch can be applied to what aspects, how do we look at the waterproof touch switch?


8mm Tact Switch.jpgFirst of all, we need to be clear about what we are looking at the purpose of the waterproof tactile switch and under what conditions. The purpose of viewing the waterproof touch switch is as a basis for checking the material of IQC; at the same time, it should be viewed under normal temperature (25±5 degrees), 40W fluorescent lamp. Specifically check the process of waterproof touch switch with the following points: Solderability test. After the tinning test, the tin surface is less than 80%. Place it in the orientation of 1M at room temperature for about thirty minutes without damage. Look at the appearance; appearance does not seem to have too much stains, packaging can not be scattered or mixed wrong, pins can not be oxidized, keys feel better. The use of force and resilience; the use of force in the 260 ± 50f plan, the resilience is not less than 50f. Structure standards; length, width, height cannot exceed the plan of the petition.

The application of waterproof touch switch is very extensive. With the development of society, people are becoming more and more aware of security. Therefore, they also pay great attention to frequently used household appliances and other products, whether they are waterproof switches or waterproof sockets or other products..