What’s The Tact Switch?

- May 11, 2018-

What’s the Tact Switch?


The tact switch is called the key switch, which is first called in Japan. When the sensitive switch is used to meet the operating force, the switch function closed to the switch operation direction. When the pressure is revoked, the switch is broken and its internal structure is connected by the change of the force of the metal shrapnel.


The tact switch has the advantages of small contact resistance, accurate operating force error and variety of specifications. It has been widely used in electronic equipment and white household appliances, such as video and audio products, digital products, remote control, communication products, household appliances, security products, playing equipment, computer products, fitness equipment and medical care. Equipment, check pen, laser pen button and so on.


The key factors are the protection of the tact switch, the weldability, the reliability, the life, the feeling, the production process and the size of the installation. The base material of the switch is the base material of the pin, and the base material of the switch is brass or phosphor (the low grade is iron), to reduce the contact resistance. The pin is basically plated with silver, which will oxidize the SO2 gas in the air, directly affect the weldability and contact resistance of the switch, so the high quality light touch switch is first to be controlled in the silver plating thickness and the silver plating process of the base material of the pin.

Right Angle Tactile Switch.jpg

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When the tact switch terminal is welded, if the load is applied on the terminal, it will be loosened, the deformation and the electrical characteristics may be deteriorated because of the different conditions. Please pay attention to the use when using it.