What Should Pay Attention In Using Rolling Shutter?

- Jun 05, 2018-

What should pay attention in using rolling shutter?


Motorised Blinds Motors.jpgRolling shutters, also known as greenhouse shutters, are agricultural machinery equipment used in greenhouse greenhouse sheds and quilts for automatic rolling. They are divided into floor-climbing rolling roller blinds and back-pulling roller blinds depending on the placement position. , And the power source is divided into electric and manual, commonly used is a combination of electric and manual shutter and remote control device, effectively avoid the violation of the operation and the personal injury and power outage on the greenhouse temperature. The mechanical principle is to use a reducer to reduce the motor speed, increase the torque, the common reducer for gear deceleration, and harmonic deceleration. The gear deceleration mechanism is rather bulky and bulky and consumes large amounts of power, while the harmonic deceleration mechanism is compact, low in power consumption, and highly reliable. Generally use 220V or 380V AC power. The emergence of roller shutters has greatly promoted the mechanized development of greenhouse sheds and reduced the burden on farmers. Can be equipped with insulation, insulation blanket use.

In order to use the rolling shutter safely and to prevent accidents, it is recommended that users pay attention to the following matters. In the process of installation or use, you should always check whether there is looseness of the screws on the host and the connections, whether the welding place is broken, open welding and other issues. The brake clutch system must be oiled before use to maintain lubrication, so as to avoid premature wear and brake failure. In the vicinity of the control switch, a knife lock must be connected. The motor and reverse switch should pay attention to waterproof and leakage, and check the cable to prevent short circuit.


During the rolling process of the rolling shutter, the operator must hold the switch to stand on the two mountains in the greenhouse. It is forbidden to stand in front of the shed and keep away from the host and rolling insulation blankets and insulation. In the event of a power outage, rolling shutter is forbidden to open the brake system to place insulation blankets and heat insulation. The generator must be used. If the deviation is normal, you should adjust it yourself in time. In addition, the total power supply outside the booth should be cut off promptly after each shutdown. After the rolling shutter is installed, the insulation must be covered with a film to prevent the insulation from being wetted by rain and snow, causing the shutter to be overloaded and damaged. When the straw is curled up, it should be adjusted in time when the bracket is tilted to one side. Otherwise, the living section will be broken and the bracket will trip.