DC Garage Door Opener Battery

DC Garage Door Opener Battery

DC garage door opener battery

Product Details

DC garage door opener battery

DC garage door opener battery for rolling door motors / rolling door openers / roller door operators.

1. 100% copper material inside the motor, so it has a

larger capacity and durable than other motors.

2. Overheat protection:

The motor is with overheating protecting equipment. If

the temperature up to 110, the power supply will be cut

off automatically to protect the motor. Till the

temperature down to 70, it can be used again.

3. Mechanic Limit switch adjusts the door position in

both "up" and "down" precisely and safety.

4. With convenient and stability control function, can

be operated by remote control.

5. Battery-up/Controller: the motor driver exchanges

to supply from 220V AC to 24V DC, the storage power

supply the power automatically when power cut, the

rolling door motor could keep moving up.

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DC garage door opener with back up battery


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